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IDGenWeb Special Projects


The IDGenWeb Special Projects are Works of our own volunteers, who helped bring together any resources of the State of Idaho. These pages are the few we want to share with our patrons. If you know of something that would benefit others patrons about their ancestors. Contact the State Coordinator with the details of another special project.

Idahoan Legacy Roots

The Idaho Legacy Roots is a series of Idahoan ancestry whose families came and planted their roots during the early days of its territory and/or later. To learn more on how to add your own Idaho legacy on the IDGenWeb Project, contact the State Coordinator. We would love to feature your Idahoan ancestors. Thank you for your patrons. Visit again to read about our next Idahoans.

Featuring Idahoan Legacy Roots

Idaho Indian Tribes Project

This project was put together by our own volunteers. They had dedicated Thier time and effort to make this project possible for the history of the Native American of Idaho to remain alive and to be remembered into the next generation. Thanks to Judy White, Mike St. Clair and others who contributed to this project.

Idaho Indian Tribes Project

These are the few known tribal of Idaho: Bannock, Kalispel, Kutenai, Nez PercÚ, Paiute (Northern), Palouse, Pend d'Oreilles, Salish (Flathead), Shoshoni (Northern), Shoshoni (Western), Skitswish (Coeur d'Alene), Snake, Spokan

Idaho Resource Library Project

This project is an on-going project of Idaho historical and genealogical works of published or non-published books that are hard-to-find, out-of-print publications. IDGenWeb Project presents the following the books for our patrons:

WOMEN OF THE WEST of Idaho progressive women in 1928. This is a series of biographical sketches of living eminent women in the state of Idaho of the United States of America.

MARTHA (LORANG) JOHNSON's Facts and Fun of the Early John Lorang Family and Genesee, Idaho Ranch. Complied in the Spring of 1985, transcribed to text by Karen Jacobs Lauby.